The New Gallery

208 Centre St SE
T2G 2B6 Calgary, AB
+1 403 233 2399
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00 to 6:00 PM
Admission is free and all are welcome

Director, Su Ying Strang
Communications & Outreach Coordinator, May G N
Gallery Attendants, Katelyn Liakos, Rochelle Wong
Programming Coordinator, Brittany Nickerson
Translators, Henry Heng Lu & Alice Lam
Videographer, Rino Mioc

Board of Directors
Jesse Bonner
Jordan Boyé
Samantha Charette
Megan Dyck
Fernando Girotto
Noel Heard, President
Megan Kirk
Sylvia Leong Bombeo
Kathryn Olivia Pryce
Sarah Todd
Sarah van Sloten
Trent Warner