Main Space event

Hopping for Hope

Ahreum Lee
January 18–February 22, 2020

Matrilineal Threads

Kasie Campbell and Ginette Lund
November 8–December 21, 2019

Suck Teeth Compositions (After Rashaad Newsome)

Michèle Pearson Clarke
September 14–October 26, 2019

Sweet Nothings: A Celebration of Non-Productivity

Carlan Savage-Hughes
August 24, 2019 from 7 PM to 10 PM

These Threads Hold Memory

Carrie Allison
July 6–August 10, 2019


Shellie Zhang
May 25–June 22, 2019

Landing Sites

Thomas Kneubühler
February 23–March 23, 2019

feedback loop of commensurability

Kevin Day
September 29—November 3, 2018

Ambient Photo

Luther Konadu
July 6—August 4, 2018
July 26, 7PM: Screening of “Killer of Sheep” and “Several Friends” at the Globe Cinema, selected by the artist.