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Five to See article with a mention of Maddie Alexander’s Dancing on My Own for Femme Wave Visual Art.

The New Gallery: Ever Changing but Not New article with history of TNG with a focus on the then current exhibition: Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop

Keepsakes for the Displaced a review regarding Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop written by Jonathan Alfaro for freq. Magazine. Published March 17, 2017.

13 Visual Arts Events and Exhibitions to Know About this March including a short review about Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop written by Karin Oluffson for Avenue Magazine. Published March 1, 2017

Building Prisons In Order to Destroy Them Interview and article by Leah Sandals for Correctional Service Canada Accommodation Guidelines: Mental Healthcare Facility 10m2 x 2 by Sheena Hoszko


What Happened When One Artist Tried to Walk Calgary’s 174-km City Limits Review for A Woman Walking (the City Limits) by Alana Bartol By Leah Sandals, Published November 7 for Canadian Art.

Intimate art experiences in unexpected spaces at Intersite Festival By Sascha Semenoff. Published October 31.

Divya Mehra on Akimbo By Sarah Todd. Published September 28 for Akimbo.

Hannah Doucet I Never Recognized her Except in Fragments By Ginger Carlson. Published July 28 by Blackflash.

Hannah Doucet’s Hit List Published July 6.

Ruth Marsh in CBC National Arts By Leah Collins. Published June 1.

CKUA Arts and Culture Soundbite for Ruth Marsh’s exhibitionIdeal Bounds. 


Yeah, What She Said featuring an interview with Danièle Dennis about her exhibition Colour, Value and Hue

Danièle Dennis on Global News about her exhibition Colour, Value and Hue Originally aired April 9.



Can Writing About Art Be Art?: Mark Clintberg, Jacob Wren and Jeanne Randolph. Published by Luma Quarterly.

CJSW Big Friday features an interview with Lisa Lipton about her performance and show with The New Gallery and Sled Island. Originally broadcast June 26.

The Impossible Blue Rose By Vladimir Taikov. Published June 29 for

Krista Belle Stewart Weaves an Alternate History by Alison Cooley. Published May 19, for

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, NORTH OF EDMONTON by Alexander Kim. Published February 26 online at


Three questions with Shlomi Greenspan and Sarah Beck by Craig R Palmer. Published November 20 in Swerve.

Reconvenience art show unearths relevant past 25-year-old time capsules revealed at United Congress reunion show by Kari Pedersen. Published September 25 in The Reflector.

In the Galleries: United Congress Reconvenience at The New Gallery by Jon Roe. Published September 5 in Swerve.

Arteries: Reconvenience by Matt Hanson. Published September 1 on BeatRoute.

How to like things The romantic criticism of Adam Waldron-Blain  by Lucas Ker. Published August 7 in FFWD Weekly.

Space + Place #37 Social optimism by Amery Calvelli. Aired August 5 on CJSW 90.9 FM.

Mary Rothlisberger at The New Gallery by Andrea Williamson. Published June 3 on Akimblog.

Arts Seen Art explores politics by Maureen McNamee. Published March 20 in FFWD Weekly.

The Travelling Light at The New Gallery by Andrea Williamson. Published March 6 on Akimblog.

Calgary Arts Round Up: March 3–9 by Amy Jo Espetveidt. Posted March 3 on Calgary Is Awesome.

CKUA ArtBeat Felix Kalmenson exposes the role of communication methods in the experience of trauma and process of reconciliation. Originally broadcast February 9.

Raising the alarm Installation offers critical view of Syrian conflict by Cadence Mandybura. Published January 16 in FFWD Weekly.


CKUA ArtBeat JD Mersault confronts his insignificance at The New Gallery’s +15 Window. Originally broadcast November 10.

The New Gallery lives up to its name Emphasis shifts to engaging exhibitions and community initiatives by Andrea Williamson. Published October 3 in FFWD Weekly.

Arts Seen by Maureen McNamee. Published September 12 in FFWD Weekly.

Similar But Different at The New Gallery by Dick Averns. Published April 2 on Akimbo.

On Rebekah Miller’s Skins by Eric Heitmann. Published January 30 in Portage Press.

Skins deep Artist takes on surfaces in new installation exhibit by Cadence Mandybura. Published January 10 in FFWD Weekly.

Arteries by Cait Lepla. Published January 2 in BeatRoute.


Jaynus O’Donnell: Pioneers by Jill Sawyer. Published in Galleries West.

M:ST 6 Highlights by Megan Morman. Published October 30 in ARTGOSSIP.CA.

Ghosts of John Snow House by Megan Morman. Published October 26 in ARTGOSSIP.CA.

Arteries Turning over new leaves by Cait Lepla. Published October 1 in BeatRoute.

Arteries by Cait Lepla. Published July 3 in BeatRoute.

We’re all in this together LIDS, John Snow House, Calgary by Amy Fung. Published June 20 on POST pacific POST.COM.

GMO thought experiments by Cadence Mandybura. Published May 17 in FFWD Magazine.

Monsantra on CBC Radio Homestretch, originally broadcast May 4, 2012.

Turner Prize* at TNG by Kammryn Dancy. Published in The Calgary Journal, April 3, 2012.

Other People’s Dreams by Dick Averns. Posted April 17, 2012 on


A fresh take on Art. Published October 18, 2011 on Goodwill Alberta’s website.

News Hour Clothing art by Gil Tucker, Global TV, aired October 4, 2011.

Two artists are better than one International artists provide a new way of making art. Published September 8, 2011 by Marcella Ducasses in FFWD Magazine – Visual Arts.

Five Feature Celebration Sites and 64 Host Celebration Sites to lead Alberta Arts Days festivities, media release, Celebration Site grant recipients, Government of Alberta, May 19, 2011.

Canada Artist Portraits – Galleries West Art Shows & Exhibits by Amy Fung in Galleries West.

letter opener, Published online on April 6, 2011 by Vitamin Daily.

Heather Passmore: Rejection Published online on March 24, 2011 in Canadian Art.

Stephen Mueller: Thinking Inside the Box by Christopher Willard, Published January 6, 2011 in Canadian Art.


Calgary art in 2010 and beyond: A look back and forward at the visual arts scene Published December 30, 2010 by Fast Forward Weekly writers in Visual Arts.

The Whodunnit Ornament Sale December 16, 2010, Swerve Magazine.

Box Man by Gil Tucker, Global TV, aired November 24, 2010.

Please Don’t Go is an exercise in compulsive patience by Caitlind R.C. Brown
in FFWD Magazine – Visual Arts Published November 18, 2010.

e-flux journal here in print By Nancy Tousley.

to Art in Calgary Published online July 30 2010.

The New Gallery by Stephen Hunt Published online on July 13 2010, Blade Runner.

Rolande Souliere, I am JUST not good at following directions, Published June 24, 2010, Canadian Art.

City council votes to rezone Snow House By Nancy Tousley to Art in Calgary Published online on June 9 2010.

Help preserve Calgary’s artist-run culture By Nancy Tousley to Art in Calgary Published online on May 18 2010.

Driven by distraction Tim Westbury manages many talents Published February 18, 2010  by Laurel Smith in FFWD Magazine.

Analog Authenticity Published online on January 7, 2010 Canadian Art.


Swimming in dangerous waters Published October 15, 2009 by Erin Belanger in FFWD Magazine.

State of the Arts : Artist-run centres have ambitious plans to finally find permanent homes, Nancy Tousley, Calgary Herald, Published September 13, 2009

The New Gallery at home in Eau Claire Market, Review in FFWD’s Fall Art Guide Published September 3, 2009 by Bryn Evans

Window shopping Artist run centres display the goods in the Plus 15s, Published August 20, 2009 by Mark Strowbridge in Visual Arts.

Sound of (almost) silence Subversive audio installation at TNG tricks the ears Published July 16, 2009 by Erin Belanger in FFWD.

Rezdogs and city slickers Transforming Motion takes a long look at First Nations identity Published May 21, 2009 by Travis Murphy.

Rezdog By Mike Landry on Things of Desire Art Blog.

Moving Forward Looking Back: Transforming Motion by Tammy McGrath, Fuse Magazine, 57 Volume 32, Number 4.

Sex and anxiety Old prom dresses become new phalli at The New Gallery Published April 23, 2009  by Julie Bevan in FFWD.

Penis Art is Offensive Yeah, What She Said!
Calgary’s only women’s / feminist radio program – Mondays @ 8:30 PM (MST) on CJSW 90.9 FM and

Extra Censory Perception by Tim Westbury in Shotgun-Review.