a manifesto has come to light

a manifesto has come to light,

From July to August 2015, Dr. Jeanne RandolphJacob WrenBodgan Cheta, Jillian Fleck, and JD Mersault came together to participate in TNG’s thematic group residency to develop a new work that explored the convergence between art making and art writing. This project addressed questions such as, ‘Can writing about art be art?’ and ‘Does art criticism have to exist as reviews, essays, etc.?’

The artists decided that the outcome of the residency would be a novel called a manifesto has come to light… and that the work would be widely distributed at no cost. Cheta, Fleck, and Mersault each created content for their own episode, a broadsheet-style publication that also included a continuous line of dialogue between Randolph and Wren that contextualized the project. 3000 copies of each episode were distributed throughout Calgary, Winnipeg (MB), Montreal (QC), and Dundee (SCT) in three phases – one at the end of February, March, and April in 2016.

Distribution of these texts has finished but if you want to request a copy please contact: info@thenewgallery.org.

Want to read it for yourself?
You can download free PDFs below!
Episode I – Jillian Fleck more information on Fleck’s episode
Episode II – JD Mersault more information on Mersault’s episode
Episode III – Bogdan Cheta  more information on Cheta’s episode


With the kind support of:

The New Gallery, RBC Foundation, Rozsa Foundation, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Canada Council for the Arts, Calgary Arts Development, the City of Calgary, Knox United Church, Equinox Vigil, Calgary Gay History Project and CJSW.