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The Pidgin Collective
April 10 — May 12, 2018

0-3 (Bandera)

Miguel Michelena
January 29—March 23, 2018

how many of the things i do are conscious decisions and how many are coping mechanisms

emily macdonald and caitlin mccann
November 27, 2017—January 26, 2018


May 25 — June 29, 2018
Richard Ighby & Marilou Lemmons, Gordon Matta-Clark, Gabrielle Hirondelle Hill, An Te Liu, Hwayeon Nam. Curated by Noa Bronstein and Deborah Wang

Good Follower

Sora Park
March 26—May 24, 2018


Aislinn Thomas
January 12-February 10, 2018

Dancing On My Own

Maddie Alexander
November 14—December 9, 2017
The New Gallery Resource Centre (#115, 115 2nd Avenue SW)

Ancient Follicle Seeks Green Wish

Puddle Popper (Sarah Davidson, Juli Majer, Sonja Ratkay and Melanie Thibodeau)
November 10—December 23, 2017