Pulling Back the Paper

Curated by Su Ying Strang

September 25 — October 23, 2021

Braids in the Front, Braids in the Back

Annie Wong
September 3—November 30, 2021

The Yellow Pages

Ho Tam
August 9–September 4, 2021
Main Space Storefront

Calgary Chinatown Artist Residency

Meet the artists-in-residence, and find out about ongoing activities

Paper Suns

Livien Yin
July 2–July 31, 2021

Oh’tooyiitsikaa’toot Ohkii

Sikapinakii Low Horn
June 11–August 31, 2021

The Young Comrade

Alvin Luong
May 22–June 26, 2021

Whose Chinatown?

April 10 – 11, 2021

art futures

Podcast Series
Jennifer Brant & Jennifer Ireland

Lemon Chicken Association

A collaborative publication about Calgary Chinatown